About us.

Dewar Cyber Consulting is a specialist firm providing high quality cyber security simulations, exercises and training with a unique difference – all of our activities are non-technical.

We know that taking care of your cyber security can seem over-complicated and overwhelming – but leaving it behind can mean your systems and team are left exposed and vulnerable to security threats.


Dr. Robert Dewar is the founder and Director of Dewar Cyber Consulting Ltd. Robert was previously Head of Cyber Security at the GCSP where he provided executive education courses on cyber security and defence, the European Union and international relations as well as developing innovative pedagogical approaches to the teaching of cyber security.

He also initiated and engaged in international dialogue activities on cyber security and defence and conducted research into cyber security and defence policy, security studies, active and blended learning, the European Union and historical institutionalism.

Prior to joining the GCSP Robert was a Senior Researcher in the Cyber Defence Team of the Centre for Security Studies at ETH Zurich. He published papers on EU cyber security development, cyber defence policy and strategy, cyber weapons development and the use of exercises and simulations as teaching tools in cyber defence.

Before moving to Switzerland Robert was a lecturer and tutor at the University of Glasgow and the University of Stirling.

Three things to know.

By helping to raise awareness and understanding of the non-technical impacts of cyber security incidents, and providing training to increase resilience, we’ll help your organisation achieve long term peace of mind.
Our methods and practice work to bridge 
the gap between technology and people – bringing you the knowledge and skills you need to get ahead, stay safe, and have total peace of mind.
We talk in plain English, take care of the geeky stuff so you don’t have to, and will never expect you to learn or use complicated software. Sometimes, we even like to write on real paper.


Our experience spans numerous public and private sector entities, including –

The Scottish Government
The Swiss Government
The United Nations
The OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
The Atlantic Council
The University of Glasgow
Education Scotland

Dewar Cyber Consulting was established by Robert Dewar. Robert was previously Head of Cyber Security at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and holds a PhD from The University of Glasgow.

In addition to our services in cyber security simulations, Dewar Cyber Consulting also works with The Atlantic Council to bring to life the Scottish Cyber 9/12 Strategy challenge