Aglika Klayn, 

Cyber Security Expert

I highly recommend working with a professional like Robert and I would love to work with him again in the future. His ability to organise the working process on complex projects, to tackle any problem, and to adjust to a given situation, while keeping his positive attitude, is remarkable.

Dewar cyber consulting is one of the most dedicated companies I have ever worked with and they’re willing to put that extra effort whenever necessary.

Alix Phair, 

Senior Legal Office,
Australian Government

The opportunity to engage with and learn from Robert in an academic environment provided me with such a valuable foundation for a better understanding of the 'cyberspace domains'.

Robert enables you to think about cyberspace in a way that is digestible for non-technical professionals, increasing awareness of its impact on government, corporate and private activities, and the necessary security implications that run along with poor cyber security strategies.

His assistance and constant guidance in this process was invaluable to my professional development and continued learning.

Joanna Kulesza, Ph.D,
University of Lodz

I have had the pleasure to work together with Dr. Robert Dewar on several occasions during his engagement with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy as Head of Cyber Security. He has always displayed a level of interdisciplinary thinking and analytical approach to problems at hand that is rare among cybersecurity professionals.

He is a versatile professional with the highest capacity-building and managerial skills, making any opportunity to work with him a professional and worthwhile experience.

Yanya Viskovich
Data Protection & Ethics Specialist
Chair, Swiss Cyber Institute

I have participated in two of Robert's Cyber 9/12 simulations and a scenario-based executive education course taught by Rob at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. I regularly apply what I learned from him in those experiences, which were engaging and stimulating. 

Rob combines broad expertise in cybersecurity and resilience, as well as in depth policy analysis and a strategic mindset. Moreover, working with Rob is always a delight, as he is as friendly and collaborative as he is brilliant.